Sico Productions | New Level Dance 1A

3 Diamond 1A4 Confident 1A5 Halo 1A6 New World 1A7 Move 1A8 Manicure 1A9 Wildside 1A10 Wide Awake 1A11 Human 1A12 The Prey 1A14 Undone 1A16 Clap Snap 1A18 Rhythm of the Night 1A22 Not About Angels 1A23 Wild Horses 1A25 Oasis 1A13 In Silence 1A15 Wilted Rose 1A17 Flaunt 1A21 Waves 1A24 Falling 1A26 I Will Wait 1A27 Countdown 1A28 In the Shadows 1A29 Hypnosis 1A30 Just a Girl 1A31 Waiting 1A33 Explosions 1A32 El Fuego 1A34 Shutter 1A35 One Way 1A38 Stone Cold 1A40 Over You 1A41 Let It Go 1A43 In Memory Of 1A44 Be Mine 1A45 Goddess 1A47 Faded 1A46 Beauty 1A48 Rewind Fast 1A49 Soldier 1A50 Prodigy 1A51 Exhale 1A52 No Return 1A53 Seductive 1A54 Almost Lover 1A56 Missed 1A59 Jealous 1A60 Disquiet 1A63 Lost 1A64 Holy Grail 1A67 A What's Love 1A68 At Last 1A70 Here for You 1A71 Midnight Hour 1A72 Salute 1C73 Fever 1D85 Your Love 1A74 A Painted Black 1A75 Sort Of 1A76 Devil on my Shoulder 1A77 Use Somebody 1A79 Conga 1A92 I Could Be 1A94 Don't Let Me Down 1A95 Medicine 1A97 Sassy 1A99 Bright Days 1A102 Habanera 1A101 Awake My Soul 1A100 Breakable 1A98 Why Don't You 1A96 Runway Walk 1A93 Secrets 1A