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Welcome Thunderstruck customers,

                         This landing page has been made especially for you so that your shopping experience goes as smooth as possible.  This year we have made quite a few changes that we are sure will make your shopping experience easier.  Some of the improvements we are currently doing include....

  • Arranging all material by city and school name.
  • All routines have their routine numbers and names displayed
  • We've added previous years photos and videos.
  • We've added video previews for you to view and order. 

                                    There are some things we want you to know. Understand that when you order a video from our site, you will receive your download link, it will be of the 30 second preview that is on this site.  After your order is placed, usually within 24 hours (Longer if the weekend) we will send you another e-mail with a link in it so that you can download the entire video.  This is due to a limitation of the website.  It's not by our choosing. "THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ANYONE THAT PURCHASED A STUDIO PACKAGE AT AN EVENT"  THE ABOVE IS FOR INDIVIDUAL PURCHASES MADE ON THE SITE." 

                            Studio Package purchasers.  We want you to know that you do not have to try to download all of your studio's routines all at once.  Your code will be there for a time period with unlimited downloads.  This way you do not have to try get everything in one shot and deal with those very long download times.  

                             thank you so much for supporting us and if there is anything you need please do not hesitate to e-mail us.  Thank you.

Marc Sico